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Court Reporters

NOTICE: Effective June 4, 2012, the court will not provide a court reporter for law and motion hearings, or any other hearing or trial, in civil and probate departments. See amended Local Rule 3.95 for details.

Department 15 McKinney,Patrick
Department 16 Tara Desautels
Department 17 Roesch, Frank
Department 19 Kaus, Stephen
Department 20 Seabolt, Richard
Department 22 Brand, Jeffrey
Department 24 Wise, Noël
Department 25 Reilly, James
Department 512 Lee, Eumi.
Department 514 Gee, Delbert C.
Department 517 Somnath Raj Chatterjee
Department 518 Hayashi, Dennis
Department 520 Spain, Julia
Department 521